we’re on the road (aka. move-out stress)

we’re finally on the road, and we saw our first moose in manning park!

the last few days have been the most hectic we’ve had in a long time. a string of days where you try your hardest to get everything done and at the end of the day you feel like you’ve accomplished nothing. the quick trip to flagstaff, az for the overland expo— an amazing and inspirational experience that deserves its own blog post at some point — trying to move out of the apartment and clean everything, get stuff into storage, sell some stuff, figure out the bare essentials we need to squeeze in the van for a year or so has made for high stress, snappy attitudes and low patience with each other.


we know this is part of it and we’ll be tested many times on this journey, but it’s always a solid reminder of the many hardships behind the beautiful photos we see all over social media... mixed in with this was a ton of love from amazing neighbors and friends, great goodbye parties and catchups.

we hope to share the good and bad sides of “vanlife”, or at least we’ll strive to document both. we are on our third or fourth re-organization of the van in half as many days, and while everything doesn’t quite have a place yet, we are getting closer.

tonight holds a beautiful campsite, and the promise of a hike tomorrow (pending rain, and yes, snow) — our first longer hike in forever. tonight we’ll also set up our Tepui awning and see how the mosquito net attaches — thanks again for the awesome gear! starting to get our “sections tight”.

on bright and hopeful notes, the sun just came out, our battle born battery is sitting at 99.7% only from our solar panels, after an overcast day of cruising (our preparation and building with legit systems is paying off!). and most importantly, we are together as a family — happy (or getting there), healthy, and ready to see the Americas... all of them.