june 1-6 2018

since we’ve just hit a year on the road and the blog is way behind, we’re going to start posting some of our trip stats and quick notes with unedited raw photos from “1 year ago today”. candice writes daily, and while that has evolved into awesome stories and memories for us, she has meticulously recorded everything we’ve purchased and some notes everyday of what happened to help us remember where we were and what we were doing on the trip. this will mostly be quick raw notes with some photos to give you an idea into our daily life on the road… enjoy.

one year ago today (well june 1-7 for this first post)…

June 1:

moved out of apartment, cleaned the entire floor with one swiffer because there was a ton of traffic and we didn’t realize we were out and had no time to clean because it was late and the landlord was sitting on the steps outside waiting. forgot passports in drawer and had to go back to apt and get them. camped in queen Elizabeth park iOverlander 

June 2:

Walmart abbotsford 

June 3:

gas 38.16

food: 33.70

Planning beers in Princeton $13

Gas 38.75

Camp shahat falls trailhead parking lot in wells gray park free

June 4

Hike to shahat falls in wells gray

Hike to helmcken

Gas 50.00

Gas 35.97

Amazing hippie commune Camp at kinbasket lake free iOverlander canoe west fsr 

June 5

Hiked 14km passed Kinney lake CG and back mt. Robson national park

Coffees jasper coffee bar & laundromat place $12

Dinner + beers jasper brewing Co 69.66

Camp free at Gregg river FSR near steam 

June 6

Gas 61.81 (almost at E) crazy coasting in neutral downhill and construction everywhere 

Groceries 46.73

Coffee make stop at sulphur gates regional park ab-found morel mushroom took pics of butterflies for science thing 

Dinner and beers in Grand Prairie ab  $56.39

Safeway gas 42.47

More groceries in Grand Prairie $19.95

1.5 hours on dirt road 52e - locals thought we were crazy to take it

Quick camp check down recreation road- had to do Austin powers 10 point turn around because not sure how deep water was, then experimented and showed off Kc lights in video and mud puddled 

Free camp stony lake off 52e nearing tumbler ridge —road turned to dirt when ab turned to bc

we’re on the road (aka. move-out stress)

we’re on the road (aka. move-out stress)

we’re finally on the road, and we saw our first moose in manning park! 

the last few days have been the most hectic we’ve had in a long time. a string of days where you try your hardest to get everything done and at the end of the day you feel like you’ve accomplished nothing...