Child Cancer Foundation, Wellington New Zealand

The Child Cancer Foundation in New Zealand does remarkable things for families with kids affected by cancer. They offer everything from emotional support to hospital care kits to camps for the kids.

I was lucky enough to be a camp counselor at SIBS camp in the north island in November of 2013. SIBS camp stands for Special Important Brothers and Sisters of kids who have cancer. This is basically a couple of days taken aside for these brothers and sisters to just be kids and enjoy the outdoors as well as express their feelings and emotions about what it’s like to have a sibling with cancer. It was an incredible experience. In just a few days we zip-lined, became super heroes, kayaked, conquered an obstacle course, and learned a lot about understanding what it’s like to have cancer affect your family. These kids were so open and so positive, it was inspiring.

I then got the chance to see some of my SIBS group again when I taught an art lesson at the Child Cancer Foundation building. We painted about what New Zealand summer means to us. I loved volunteering with this organization so much that I was also involved in several fundraising opportunities including their annual zombie haunted house, collecting funds dressed as the undead at the train station during halloween, face painting for the kids, and many more.

Get out and volunteer!