we are currently driving our mitsubishi delica down the pan-american highway to the bottom of south america (vancouver, b.c. -> tuktoyaktuk, nwt -> ushuaia, ar) . below you'll find our route and some of our favorite shots, and you can also follow along with more of our day-to-day progress on our instagram and our every week or so progress on the blog.

we have decided to split the trip into a north (norte) and south (sur) section to go a little easier on your browser, so this page will contain everything through central america… while the maps and top links will be the same, you can click on the link to the right or at the bottom of the page to head on down to the south america photos more quickly…

ROAD ART NOW UP! the other two coming soon...

british columbia, canada

yukon territory, canada

northwest territories, canada

and that's the top of the driveable world. it's all south from here...

yukon territory, canada

alaska, usa

yukon territory, canada

alaska, usa

british columbia, canada

west coast, usa

baja california, mexico

baja california sur, mexico

ferry from la paz to mainland mexico


michoacan, mexico

nevado de toluca, mexico

oaxaca, mexico

chiapas, mexico

yucatan, mexico

2019! a quick drive through Belize as we’d been some years back, and now into Guatemala…

lake atitlan, guatemala

volcan acatenango, volcan de fuego, and volcan agua, guatemala