Projects In Place, Vancouver BC

Projects in Place is a volunteer-run non-profit society that brings design and construction professionals together with the general public to implement projects that benefit their community. They offer design, project management and build event coordination services to communities in Vancouver BC. They partner with communities and organizations who would otherwise not have access to design and construction services, and help make their projects a reality. Projects in Place truly believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to make their community a better place.

We volunteered with PIPS helping build two projects; the Ecole Pauline Johnson PJ Community Park and Bayshore Gardens Daycare Playground. I worked heavily with gardening, weeding, and replanting while Jordan focused on building wooden planters and platforms. Both spots turned out beautifully. The daycare and school benefitting from these projects were overjoyed with such amazing new spaces all built by volunteers with the help of professionals. 

Get out and volunteer!