June 1: queen Elizabeth park iOverlander

June 2: Walmart abbotsford

June 3: gas 38.16 food: 33.70 Planning beers in Princeton $13 Gas 38.75 Camp shahat falls trailhead parking lot in wells gray park free

June 4 Hike to shahat falls in wells gray Hike to helmcken Gas 50.00 Gas 35.97 Amazing hippie commune Camp at kinbasket lake free iOverlander canoe west fsr

June 5 Hiked 14km passed Kinney lake CG and back mt. Robson national park Coffees jasper coffee bar & laundromat place $12 Dinner + beers jasper brewing Co 69.66 Camp free at Gregg river FSR near steam

June 6 Gas 61.81 (almost at E) crazy coasting in neutral downhill and construction everywhere Groceries 46.73 Coffee make stop at sulphur gates regional park ab-found morel mushroom took pics of butterflies for science thing Dinner and beers in Grand Prairie ab $56.39 Safeway gas 42.47 More groceries in Grand Prairie $19.95 1.5 hours on dirt road 52e - locals thought we were crazy to take it Quick camp check down recreation road- had to do Austin powers 10 point turn around because not sure how deep water was, then experimented and showed off Kc lights in video and mud puddled Free camp stony lake off 52e nearing tumbler ridge —road turned to dirt when ab turned to bc

June 7 2 grizzlies mom and cub on 52e leaving stony lake headed to tumbler ridge Gas 35.90 tumbler ridge chevron Talked to lady in info center Hiked to see Dino tracks off main road Then drive to mt. spieker on dirt logging road for 42km, had to dodge several trucks, no one around after that stretch, got to crazy gas plant station that made crazy banging noise, saw young grizzly on way in 3rd grizzly on perry creek fsr near tumblr 12 + scats Decided bad idea to go up with no people and just us, ate a sando, took pics, turned around Tumbler ridge sticker 2.50 Northern light rv Dawsons creek bc $29.50- lady Annette told us to go to Chetwynd after our volunteering to see the annual chainsaw competition Groceries 55.15 from Safeway Beer $11 Showered

June 8th Volunteer day with Realized the schools were an hour away in fort st.john so had to get up super early to get there by 9:30, got up, ate fruit on way and met Heidi at school Duncan elementary -we tilled the kids’ flowersbeds in front of the school and talked to her about program: only 4/5 women, bringing community gardens to schools, teaching the kids about plants, planting and where their food comes from—took them to Walmart to track a tomatoes original growth spot which was deep in Mexico, trying to have food secure program for kids to be able to grow their own food —after that we went to ecole school and helped Emily with her 2 Classes Jordan helped kids plant and so did I and then I helped them paint their sticks for garden decoration, we had interview with JT from battle born right after so ran to the van while a monsoon thunder storm cane through and talked to JT for over an hour about vanlife and what brought us to it Gas 49.00 Coffees and sandos $22 honey wheat Camping $20 at moberly lake bc-looked everywhere for free camping could not find anything bit tongues and paid and cheersed to bourdain over fire with cheap red wine and our dinner of quinoa, zucchini and boxed chicken noodle soup he would have been proud

June 9th Gas 34.25 in Chetwynd Egg sandos 10.00 Jordan hangry Chainsaw carving Fest!!!! Mt bandy and mt ghost summit trail run with pushups and abs on ghost summitt Talked to changa mushroom girl car next to us Beef jerky and salmon dinner 16.71 Deep fried cookies 5.00 Coffee 5.00 Groceries 28.00 Dinner canadian brewhouse fort St. John $52 Camp inga lake free

June 10 Breakfast at inga lake camp ground ran out of gas runny eggs Gas bucking horse river 35.69 weird gas set up Fishing at borrow put #4 off alaska hey, met some people leaving they gave us 2 fish and morel location tips - Jordan caught 3 fish and let one go back- huge rainbow trout - bear foot print Then we went back up the road and turned on dirt road on right, pulled over abc looked for Morels in old burn site- found LOADS SO AWESOME Gas fort Nelson 40.03 Firewood triple Gs Came to free river campspot, cooked 4 fish over fire and then 1/2 of the Morels with onions and garlic dinner of champs Fishing license 37 each 74.00 total Fort Nelson

June 11 Errands day in fort nelson Car wash cinnamon bun firewood from triple Gs 13.00 Grease: $7 Print: 5.00 Stickers: 6.00 Post office 45.00 Fishing supplies 57.00 Groceries 34.90 Camp free at pull out nearing Stone Mountain Tetsa #2 river bridge

June 12 Cinnamon buns tetsa river outfitter 10.00 Hike to flower springs trail and beyond lake to mountains in Stone Mountain prov Park-saw 4 caribou family of 4-went around lake up into mountain pass—amazingly beautiful Gas toad river 50.00 thousands of hats on the ceiling stapled Sticker 4.00 at toad river Norther Rockies lodge after muncho lake dog pork scraps 6.00 and beer 22.00 Camp free trout river pull out right on river very few to no mosquitoes -made eggs rice soy sauce tomatoes chard onions garlic, dog had spatzel scraps from rich people lodge - beautiful sunset - light out all night like a dusk

June 13 Liard hot springs 10.00 Showers across street at rv and cookies 13.00 Gas at rv place 20.00 Groceries in Watson lake 54.54 Nugget dinner Watson lake Chinese food 40.87 Tags gas 54.02 Beer & sticker 30.00 Sign forest- saw Elly there as a sign from Clarence crash amazing Camp Watson lake 12$ mosquitoes paid with change envelope did not fit in slit Sunset on dock overlooking Watson lake drank winterlong beers in mosquito safe zone edited photos an wrote blogs

June 14 Beers Samosas in Watson lake at Andreas 27.00-stayed there fir a while drawing Father’s Day cards and editing pics Lunch blt 14.00 Kathy’s Sticker nugget city post 6$ Gas teslin 52.83 Beer teslin 19.00 dude stoked on car Camp at ear lake Whitehorse free -steak dinner potatoes chard -saw scraggly fox

June 15 Whitehorse Errands mechanic juggle walk the town see the ss Klondike head stands pick up the cv boot visitor center planning Baked cafe scone coffee breakfast Sando 40.00 Coffee and cookie at midnight coffee place 10 Beers and pie and growlers at winter long brewery 50.00 Groceries 17 Gas 54.00 Outdoor store bug candles can openers 10.00 Camp free near fish lake trailhead

June 16 Hike3 hours to top of fish lake mountain SO MUCH WIND we were getting blown away-had to our dog on leash cuz he was getting blown off mtn Coffee and Sando and scone from baked cafe 20.00 Tea and shampoo and tampons aroma boreal 23.20 Parked in laundry lot for a sec to figure things out and saw bus friends from Vancouver! Showers & gym Canada Game Center Whitehorse 15.60 Postcard 3.41 Dinner beer 65.00 dirty northern- met rod and waitress and shared jokes did you hear about that new pirate movie coming out? I hear it’s rated arrrrrrrrrr Did you hear about that crazy actress who went on a killing spree Reese Reese (someone says Witherspoon) NO WITH A KNIFE ! - random punk kids cake in and threw that joke in our pike Do you wanna hear a joke about pizza? Na it’s too cheesey

June 17 Friends climb day Bus friends Julia Alice Alex Climbed at rock gardens and copper haul rd-5 climbs! Camped ear lake free met Quebec guy Matthew everyone camped and drank together-yukon gold sunset shotgunned beers together hung out on top of their bus Coffee and breakfast Sando 20.00 Beers case 60.00 to share Dinner at dirty northern 55.00

June 18 whitehorse last day Got up early as f to get to fountain tire Coffee and cookie midnight sun roasters11.00 Canadian tire 72 supplies Samosas 10 India food truck Fountain tires 337.00 Boot check price approx 90 Oil change $140 jiffy lube- crazy (or legit) ex coast guard there Gas 18 Dog food 48.51 Walmart 12 Gas carmacks 37.44 Donairs 26 big bear donair Snacks & fishing license carmacks 50 Camping on road to lake Ethel-too far of a drive camp in pullout

June 19 Gas Stewart crossing 35.00 Sausage roll soup at moose creek lodge on Klondike loop 18.00 Old cabins Dawson city groceries 33.45 Gas 57.00 Inverter 45.10 Gas in canisters 52.00 Tombstone campground by visitors center $12.00 stayed up til 2am sun did not go down amazing 1st drive section on dempster

June 20 dempster Go to visitor center by 9 bc we thought we were doing backcountry 3 day hike learned that grizzly lake has 6 feet of snow still and no one is going back there/allowed back there- so hung out in center with Lucy and other girl who ran it and she gave us roseroot tea which is full of caffeine and slight narcotic - also drawing their spruce and Labrador tea-Lucy took me outside and showed me some medicinal plants-wrote them all down -we looked at old hiking book and they told us to do take mtn which was following a horse trail across from outfitter and heading up mtn off side of road- we got bombarded by people wanting to talk to us by the van. Left 2 hours after we got there at 11:30 then drive up stopped at tombstone lookout-hiked through bush down to mound and took pics-sky was crazy all day-got to horse outfitter ate a bunch of foods and headed up muddy bog horse trail tundra ground with big under-missed turn off to head up the mountain bc there really it’s one and after the recent thaw it’s not very noticeable so picked one later and bushwhacked up the side of rake mtn for 40 minutes or so grabbing roots and battling the ground-totally worth it at the top see so far on all sides-sun and clouds were nuts-traversed the ridge for a bit and took photos on points found a better way down which was the trail we should have taken up, trail ended and we walked across tundra to try and meet up with original horse trail-found the dogs poop somehow right when we reentered horse trail and made it back to van without injury from unstable tundra ground. Mosquitoes were the worst. Got in and left to stop at 2 moose lake to reorganize and change out of sweat clothes-found fishing spot at turn out down road-j threw in a bit and battled mosquitoes and I grabbed all sandwich stuff to make tuna wraps in car away from bugs-drive through rad areas by engineer creek and sapper hill watching rocks change and erosion change from un-glaciated areas saw mineral creek all brown with crazy minerals-saw the elephant rock eroded tor that looked like elephant-then headed up to camp on top of 7 mile hill from iOverlander spot- sun didn’t go down-made dinner-ramen soup with stinging nettle bits mushrooms onions and watched sun-even with wi die covers sun was directly in the van -took pics til like 2am

June 21 Gas eagle plains 75.00 4 hours food beers computer work more beers in lounge Food & beers eagle plains restaurant 47.00 Beers and case of beers for solstice 39.00 Camp by continental divide km 460 free Ate solstice spaghetti rice noodle cum grossness stayed up til 3 sun didn’t go down sunset was epic Solstice photo shoot in snow and in rocks snowman Look up race on dempster

June 22 NWT Fort McPherson tour center free white fish crackers potatoes sweet ladies Coop 6.00 Inuvik pizza egg roll roost cafe 34.00 Kevin’s house nightmare-homemad infused gin, kayaks, dogs, infused cranberries Slept at jak campground for 23.60

June 23 the day we took a dip in the Arctic Ocean - tuk and inuvik Inuvik Visitors center tea hot water met: Germans Inga tim Aussie nz: Lindy mark Gas inuvik 78.52 Stanton distribution groceries 15.00 Kitti market in tuk 15.00 potato salad burger snacks -sweets, drew drawings for chequita tourist head and other lady selling hats gave her paints and brushes Arctic Ocean swim tuk freezing strategic clothing plans Beers and buy beer Mackenzie grill 43.58 3m run around boot lake at 11:30ish ona Saturday while the sun was 6 fingers from horizon -race happening but 30$/person ran round lake instead Gravel pit camp free- 5 kids drive up to us we all hang for a bit train nugget to shut up and stop barking with muzzle-oooma means my woman atik means same name

June 24 inuvik Got woken up at 8am by gravel trucks we left and went across street to Gwichin slept til 12, coffees, stomach ache attack, walk dog by Chapman lake Gwichin day pass 5.75 Alestines 49.35 Eskimo donut and reindeer chili Camp at happy trail campground laundry writing photo edits 23.65 Laundry 6.00

June 25 inuvik start Originals inuvik stickers and souvenirs 29.00 Post office send our stickers to people 11.00 Mackenzie grill 40.00 wraps Northmart 26.53 groceries Gas 64.94 local discount Eagle plains gas 72.00 Eagle plain beer and wine -Teresa bar tender knowledge: spend $ carefully you have a long way 23.00 Sleep at top of 7 mile hill iOverlander again

June 26 Got up made eggs coffee broccoli Salami onion breakfast then went up to oligvie lookout and back down a few down road for morel hunting-found like 23 morels in an old burn and then headed to ogilvie river to fish for arctic grayling-j caught 4, kept 2 North by van colene and Tom from Victoria ran into them Stopped at sapper hike entrance it started to rain the other delica came by and said hello names above-then we did sapper hill hike in rain mosquitoes were terrible but the hike was so radd and worth it tall castle like rocks everywhere we climbed up a bunch took Some pics back down in rain dodging mosquitoes drove down everyone soaked wanted to find river spot but found sweet open camp spot instead close to rake mtn by a pond put up the awning cut and cleaned 12 mushrooms and j cooked the arctic grayling in the skillet Recipe Clean and chop 12 morel mushrooms Scale arctic graylings, salt and pepper skin, sear 2 min a side in oil in skillet Set aside to cool then sep meat from bones set aside Chop up approx 20 small baby carrot a head of broccoli 4 garlic cloves Put the morels in the skillet and sauté 5 min in oil it butter Add carrots garlic broccoli for another5 Salt and pepper this Boil 5 cups water in mean time Put sautéed veg in boiling water Simmer for 7 Watch water turn golden brown Add s&p to taste Add minute rice, simmer for 5min add fish, simmer for 5 min Eat Be an adult Slept in turn out camp spot inside tombstone near rake mtn free

June 27 Morning at camp spot and tombstone visitors center bannock and spruce and yarrow tea saw delica guys we met the day before Windshield crack small from rock of other car last 20km on dempster Gas 29.93 at dempster corner used air filler for first time Toe bar sourtoe 40.00 long line met Wisconsin people and Vic and Justin from holland America tour guide drank with them at snake pit lounge area danced in the microwave-room covered with reflectix and xmas lights Klondike Kate’s burgers and beers and wings 100.00 Ice cream 9.00 Old timey Show at diamond tooth gerties casino 30.00 beer 5.00 Snake pit lounge microwave 20.00 Camp free front road front of town by gazebo drunk

June 28 dawson city Woke up at 10 on front street Visitors center for bathroom and then alchemy Met Jared and Anya with spruce black dog gave us lots of advice For hikes and our trip said to meet them at state fair in haines junction Volunteer city office asked if they needed any help the next few days first they said no then they realized we could Facepaint and that the Yukon quest kayak race was happening and needed people tomorrow and the next day-realized we are staying in Dawson for Canada day Stickers dempster hwy 9.00 Breakfast alchemy 25.00 Car wash and vacuum -3-4 hours of cleaning 17.00 Windshield fix by Brian who was building an artist residence tiny house from an old brothel -gave us a tour 50.00 Groceries 68.45 bonanza market Sandos coffee brownie red mammoth bistro 28.00 Hike to moosehide slide for 2 hours from dog park sweet steep hike Art show at art kica place textile sculptures and then ru Paul drag fundraiser at Peggy’s along with great old fashioned 17.00 Drive up to midnight done watched sunset til 1:30 Met Blair and Mitch from Ontario traveling and old dude Ron p Johnson who wanted to show us all of his photos, great shots, a little hard to get away Van camp on top of side pull out hill near dome see everything from up here

June 29 dawson Liquor store 24.80 Rain storm wind storm Sandwich from bakery on front st 9.00 Coffee cookie 11 mammoth Art school tour with auban and talked to artist baisa. About everything so cool bad ass women here Beers from Bombay Peggy’s 30.00 music met mike English guy who skinny dips in lakes and got banned from the toe got certificate ripped in front of him by captain rick met older guys Kirsten and hanny Volunteers with Yukon river quest 12-4am welcomes over 8 finishers with air horn and kept time scores Peter legendary kayaker canoer from England and Phillipe bike bus fixer guy crazy stories about animal encounters and Helen coordinator

June 30 Farmers market 7.00 kale and potatoes Alchemy 40.00 breakfast & coffees Post office to send Nani get well card 1.25 Hardware store 13.15 Sticker donation for Yukon river quest 2$ Saw mateaui from ear lake Whitehorse had brownie with him and hung out got showers washed dishes 4.00 Went for a climb did 3 climbs then across street j caught 1 grayling on klondike river Walked back at 10:30 Cooked up fish with pasta and pesto and had beers

July 1 Canada day dawson city Ice cream 8 Gas 45.00 Gyro 14.00 Breakfast 18.00 Paul and Melissa from tourist Dawson city center gave us 6 free beer drink tickets at gerties for facepainting Painted kids faces 12-3 Walked in the parade carried check point sign 10:30-11:30 Free food from firefighters sausage and salad Trudeau shook his hand amazing Gave Mateui Gertie drink tix and free passes Met smiles for miles people when we saw mateui working at Greek place Freecamp on other side of Dawson over the ferry and about 30km away up a hill about 2km on a shitty road had great views overlooking tombstone and surrounding mtns

July 2 dawson to border to chicken Woke up in free camp Went over on top of the world hwy for a few, stopped right before border to check out stealth sneaky dirt road which went on forever there were Little Rock sculptures and the sun was hitting the tundra beautifully. I got out and took pics of van going through puddles and driving along road-we let dog run next to car, we walked about 20 or so min down to check it out -rain was coming in so we drove back and headed to Alaska Canada border Border guy was like lurch super weird totally by the book made me show him nuggets papers and made us dispose of our 6 pieces of firewood-I had 2 Canadian tattoos on my face whilst talking to border patrol Rain came shortly after getting into the states-dirt and paved mixed road awesome views Finally got to Chicken alaska-stopped at all 3 stops in the town 1st stop gold panner where we got homemade fudge which is now gone 2nd stop was down the street at downtown chicken which was a store a saloon and a cafe 3rd was across street at rv Park and store-we got some souvenirs and at the rv park we got a delicious grapefruit ipa made from hoodoo brewery with no food in our tummies so that set us up for success then the lady gave us coffee beans for 5$ and I used their bathroom to get the Canadian flag tattoos off my face We went across to the saloon and everything just escalated from there. First it was just us in the bar with Chris the bartender originally from St. Petersburg Florida who got a job in chicken from applying online. This older couple came in, we got to talking, laughing they ended up buying us a permafrost shot from Yukon jack (which is apparently made in Connecticut) and the old guy who is like 7 feet tall got a free drink for picking up the panty cannon from floor to bar-75 pounds you have to pick it up with 1 hand- then a younger couple came in with their sprinter we talked to them they are traveling from California and then 2 young dudes who are film and photographers came in mike and Matt we talked to them for a while as they are also heading to South America and then Tom and colene showed up with delica. Pan American class of 2018. We should start taking photos. So there is this thing at the chicken creek saloon where the walls are covered with hats and shredded panties. We were curious about how the panties get shredded and of course you fill the panty cannon with gun powder along with the panties and light them on fire and watch them explode. So talk talk talk I wanted to do this before we left. I got some nz Macpac panties to give chris the bartender to blow up and he was like well if you wait around for like 5 min Tony can do it. Tony works there and 2 days ago he acquired a baby squirrel as a pet-named skeeter because the miner who found it found him in a gold panning bucket full of mosquitoes. Dude had this thing living in his hood. So Tony grabs all the gun powder and supplies, the locals and everyone camping is there watching. There is a kiwi women and we are joking about the durability of Mac pac. Tony gets it all set up, the locals yell at him that he’s doing it wrong bc it’s his first time, he lights the pantie cannon and BOOM! They are shredded into 2 pieces!! Meanwhile across the street the bang scared a momma moose and her baby out of the bushes so now everyone is taking photos of that craziness walking around. I gave Tony a hug as he had just popped his cherry with my undies and got the staple gun from Chris to put my panties on the wall. I put them right next to the bills hat that you first see on the right when you enter the bar. The panties say my name and go bills! Chicken Alaska: 4 beers, 1 burger, 1 pot pie, 2 shots of permafrost and a souvenir of panties smelling of gunpowder. Got to chicken Fudge 4.50 Shirt 37.00 and beers Sprintilus 2 kids Celine and Zino Tom 2508575422 Chicken Alaska Dad shirt and stickers 41 Food beers at saloon 74.00 Coffee and mom things 30.00 Rolled into Chicken

July 3 tok Alaska and driving Gift shop fudge stickers 13.04 Gas 35.00 tok Wipes 4.50 Chips 5.00 Supply day in tok Groceries 60-look up Sleep by gerstie river bridge purple sunset near mile 1393 on Alaska hwy Made killer grass fed beef burgers and potatoes

July 4 Parade in North Pole Alaska -amazing Peionis flowers Shriners firetrucks taxidermy float Safeway Sando sushi cheese 31.00 Fairbanks Pioneer park homeless people free Bbq food line- stories machete guy in line ‘sorry I’m cutting in front of you’ sure dude whatever you need to do-long black hair no shirt machete wrapped up in backpack, his friend cuts in front of us behind him ‘sorry I just need to watch him’ then machete guy sing people music fest my girl to my god homeless people party bagpipes Beers x4 : 22.00 at the boatel Walmart 17.82 wipes bathroom shit Gas Fairbanks 35 Slept top of Murphy dome outside of Fairbanks free best sunset ever

July 5 Fairbanks Venue coffee 14.00 coffee and breakfast Chaga Chocolate 6.00 Hoodoo beer 25 pints and growler fills Hoodoo food truck burritos 20 Groceries for days 39.75 Gas Safeway 17.40 Hike to granite tors to camp start at 11:39 hot pink sunrise rad rocks

July 6 Hike down from granite tors on Chena river near Fairbanks and Chena hot springs Post office road shower pick up Little owl cafe 16.00 food & coffee Beers 11.00 hoodoo brewery Showers near university for 4.75 Gas 18.82 Beer 49th state brewery in Healy where fake bus from into the wild was from movie 14.00 Camp in gravel lot near Cantwell near Denali state park

July 7 Gas trapper creek 42 Bread and salmon jerky 9.47 Hike snacks 8.50 Start hike at 3:22 up kesugi ridge at little coal creek, to the highest point on the kesugi and onto the plateau by the tarns when we turned around- clouds came in hard around 9/9:30 the wind kicked up to about 60mph and the tent was getting destroyed, walking was hard you'd be fumbling everywhere. There were 3 tents set to including us, saw a couple pack up bc it was so bad and we did the same-tent full of dirt and tundra, just from getting through the netting. Packed up and headed down around 10 and stopped off the side of trail in the mossy tundra for a much needed beer and snack. Dog made a nest in the moss he was pooped and a bit limpy-got down to car around 11:30 and put stuff away mosquitoes terrible, found free spot down the street to camp 10.00 to state park for 2 days of parking that we did not use

July 8 The bake Denali 50.00 burger beers and burrito Coffees Denali 7.25 Gas Denali 41.00 Visitor center dog walk around Denali Park Hit a HUGE stupid set of bumps and potholes in construction zone outside of talkeetna awful bumps felt like a crash Looked everywhere for campsite drive out of way to Palmer ended up at a Fred Meyer, dude followed us from camp spot search in truck and talked to jordan for a while about car, bears, fishing, guns, Barry follow me on fb lots of terrifying bear stories and showed us pics of his grizzly tags :( bloody dead bears Made soup on the ground and we’re worried about crazy yelling homeless people

July 9 Fred Meyer Palmer AK 80.00 grocery refill Gas 31.00 Filling up road shower Jeremy - weird handshake dude from chevron who said “ I know a lot of people I can get pretty much anything...” Went to crevasse-moraine trailhead 5.00 for day use made chard onions bacon eggs cheese breakfast/lunch then walked 30 min exactly - mosquitoes were some of the worst still not as bad as granite tor From musette at matanuska brewing:Goldmint trail in Hatcher pass hut South fork Matanuska brewery tasting and growler fill 11.00 Bearpaw brewery 18.00 Sportsman 52.48 bug spray, bag, bear spray Dog treats 5.14 Dinner at our campspot on knik river beans brown rice taco seasoning Valentina chicken skillet avocado tomatoe green goddess dressing pita wraps amazing

July 10 Anchorage Coffee and snack at black cup 12.00 Dog food treats 53.00 Beer pizza moose tooth broken tooth 60.00 Hard drive 88.00 Showers 10.00 Fred Meyer 2.95 Sleep at Fred Meyer mid town near that shitty park that was not a park

July 11 Anchorage anniv Coffees black cup 7.00 Mechanic sitting van from 3-5:30 Ship creek rv Park stay Anniv dinner downtown anchorage glacier brewing 85.00 with beer growler 9.00 Beers from Darwin’s theory bar 11.00 Rv Park sleep ship creek

July 12 Anchorage Pay ship creek rv Park for yesterday 29.00 Awaiting mechanic phone call to see if they can pull apart engine - can’t til Tuesday Rv Park sleep ship creek 29.00 for 2nd sleep Laundry 4.00 Sad day of realization and figuring out

July 13 Anchorage Rei 31.72 Groceries 35.95 Coffees black cup 7.00 Beata and ginger dinner -drawings, stories, beers, they bought us beers ❤️13.00 for pizza Sleep in Fred Meyer employee parking south Fred Meyer

July 14 Anchorage Fred Meyer morning poop Growler and tasted 16.00 midnight sun brewery Fred Meyer bacon eggs 8.28 Sleep at cabelas parking lot Met cordobas travellers

July 15 Cabelas adapter 25.00 Breakfast wraps made in parking lot-met las cordobas travellers Bike ride on Coastal bike path to earthquake park 32.00 Pork buns 5.00 at anchorage farmers market Walmart dog treats & brush and paints 8.00 49th brewery pretzel cheese, 2 beers, growler: 36.00 Sleep in smokejumper trailhead parking Campbell track

July 16 Black cup 16.20 Climbing 36.00 Showers Yoga at gym 15.00 Moises tooth pizza 17 Moises tooth beer 12.50 Free Meyer 40.00 groceries camp food wine Sleep in gym/moose tooth overflow parking

July 17 no van day 1 Walk: specialized—1.9m—>rei—1m->black cup —4.2m--> king street brewery—car to heathers choice—walk to cynosure for .8 Total: 8mi walk before hike Bring car to mechanic leave it, took an hour or so to gather our camp packs + make food Walked 30 min to rei renter bear canister bought bear bell 11.00 Got packs together outside of rei, then walked 14 min to black cup 11.00 for 2 cold brews and cookie, sat outside with dog & packs callling other mechanics asking questions Then walked to king street brewery for x miles for like 1hr and a half Beer at kings 15.00 and guy named Fish gave us some advice and intel on a company who is all about dehydrated organic camp food called heathers choice I called them, talked about who we were and ambassador questions and odd jobs and brad the part owner heathers partner said to come in and say hi and he’d give us some food and give a thought to tempjobs He was great, big hiker and backpacker outdoor enthusiast he gave us cookies and salmon dinner and breakfasts-super sweet Then we walked to cynosure brewery and got 2 beers, 10.00 we talked to Cindy the co owner about what we were up to-our story- and she offered to drive us to the rabbit lake trailheadinher subaru which was incredibly sweet Went up, said thanks a million times and headed to camp at beautiful rabbit lake Sunset was epic, 4 tents including us, heathers choice salmon for dinner Hike mileage from trailhead parking to lake 4.5m Total day 12.5m

June 18 Woke up later, pioneer ziploc bag morning Then started to make breakfast, j made coffees, about an hour into the morning this biker girl came in, and then shortly after this guy with a baby on his back and a gun, he said that he saw 2 hikers who said they were followed by a brown bear and asked if we could hike out with him, we took this as a sign from the universe and packed up our stuff walked out with him talked about beer a lot-he makes it lots of great info on good beers here in anchorage then since we saw so many people on the hike we decided to camp an extra day and turned off from him on a trail going up the backside of flattop so we could hit up peak 2 and flattop and find a camp spot in between Gorgeous day lots of people -we set up on a perch on the summit of peak 2 and drank wine and ate chocolate as it was too early in the day to set up camp —finally set up camp in between flattop and peak 2 overlooking the O’Malley mountains wedge ramp and power line trail —watched sunset on top of flat top with no one around and camped solo in the saddle

July 19 Woke up got out of tent and packed up around 10 hiked up with gear to flat top and scrambled down to blueberry loop and then parking lot took poops in terrible bathrooms and conveniently saw a van cab leaving as we were walking to go down the road - he drove us to anchorage brewery 33.00 Brewery wasn’t opened so we walked to closest coffee shop got a Sando and waters 12.00 Walked back to brewery got 4 beers and 4 cans to go 45.00 Walked from brewery to specialized auto and passed heathers on the way, stopped in, said hello and thank u to brad and walked further to specialized Stopped at Sara’s sandwiches which is apparently one of the best (not really) ate a shit load of noodle salad and split turkey Sando 14.00 Called rv place, talked to manger john, he said he wasn’t taking tents as they just had a black bear with 2 cubs trying to get into the trash on the 16th and the other camp ground up north just had to kill 3 cubs and a mom bc of a stupid woman leaving food in her tent and telling different stories about what happened to newspaper and tv channel they couldn’t find a place for the bears :( he said we could stay bc he remembered us and knew we knew how to handle camping with wildlife and be mindful about our food he also remembered we had our car in the shop. Went to specialized auto, switched out our camp gear for rv park gear and jerry gave us a ride to ship creek rv dropping us off on the back side Set up tent, ate more chocolate that some guy from mechanic gave us (halloween candy) and ordered terrible sushi from urban sushi for 60.00-not worth it. We did some computer stuff and passed out hard

July 20 Got a late start on our town walking rounds today and left ship creek around 2pm. We had to do some laundry and figure our shit out. The whole rv staff knows us now. Randy the handy man john the manager the lady everyone. We even got the special WiFi passcode. They didn’t realize we had a dog and told us if anyone asks it’s a service dog. We then walked to black cup which was 2m saw the climbing gym guy, got coffees and split Sando and cookie and sent some freelance work files while Jordan edited photos. We then walked to specialized auto to switch our gear for backpacking gear and got to check out this old land cruiser truck bed in the shop and talked to all the guys they loved our van and we got sweet hiking intel from James. He gave us a ride to rei where we stocked up on some camp snacks and then we got burgers at Tommy’s and walked to Carr’s where we resupplied groceries and camping food stuff. Jordan waited outside with the backpack and the dog by the liquor store portion of the establishment and was questioned by the young stupid large fat security guard if he was waiting for someone he said he was waiting for his wife as I walked up and the fatty shuffled away. Then we walked 3m back to ship creek through downtown and saw that the ice cream line was 30 min long. But we really wanted it but wanted more to take off our packs/drop our gear. So we went ‘home’ first and then I stayed whilst ran to get ice cream which was well worth it. Spruce tip vanilla. Now we are dealing with crazy barking grunting homeless man in the woods behind our tent so we had to put all the bear canister and extra shit in the laundry room so he wouldn’t be tempted to take it. Treated like homeless day, walked over 8m to run errands, off to backpacking tomorrow. Paid for camping at ship creek 29.00 Paid again for 2nd day 29.00 Laundry 4.00 Rei 11.00 Black cup 32.00 Bodega 9.80 Tommy’s 21.00 Carr’s groceries 57.00 Wine at Carr 11.00 Ice cream wild scoop 18

July 21 Black cup 12.00 Crazy Murray’s rental car a-1 car rental 239.00 Where are ya I’ll pick u up right now Um ok Crazy old dudes in their 70’s washing cars hanging out in this dirt lot We have a dog I have 2 dogs Gold panning brought him out here from Houston ny Tampa Need a lot of gear to cover 100yds to gold pan need a lot of money for that gear Turnagain brewery: 22.24 and 7.00 for big one NO MORE TIPS Drove to Whittier through crazy old military tunnel 13.00 Drove to trailhead portage glacier hiked 5.4 m rt to glacier had a beer from turnagain ipa at lake by portage glacier Got done around 10:18 looked at crazy town and had a beer at inn at Whittier ipa specially made for that inn from cynosure, watched music -duet acoustic Miley Cyrus wrecking ball and then only had that on Spotify And listened to it basically on repeat u til we found a pull in site to camp in off the hwy at johnson pass north trail pull out made soup and wraps and slept in the Jeep Liberty rental trail rated from Murray —drive was stunning but every si god pull out on and off iOverlander was packed to the brim

July 22 Main Street bar grill breakfast beers 50.00 Every time we unlock the doors of our Jeep Liberty the car alarm goes off and you have to quickly put the key into turn it off Beers at salty dog dollar bill covered bar 12.00 Coffee cookie homer 7.00 Graceridge brewery 15.00 Alice’s champagne palace dinner beers halibut cod tacos 60.00 Karacters 17.00 Ran into Mike and Matt, tidied drinks things got turned upside down at karacters king triton hair stylist mike and Richard hut kids ox Whitney Houston drawing characters mushrooms weed beers whiskey mixed cigarettes poop stories Matt cleaning mounds as a bouncer Gas on way to camping at whiskey gulch 45.00 30 farty and fun - looking for a girl with a bad sense of smell Sunset yolks website

July 23 Gas 38.00 Woke up at whiskey gulch to pouring rain worried about car making it up Sandos and cookie from Oddies 18.00 Coffees 7.00 Rei drop off bear box 12.00 Bodega beer pick up 9.80 Camping at ship creek 29.00 Dinner salad beer pizza flat top 60.00

July 24 Biscuit betties 14.95 Black cup 2 cookies 2 cold brews 9.50 Thai food 23.00 Hotel at Q place 100.00 Lady was not very nice at hotel Someone knocked on door at 12:41 seeing if we needed towels ???

July 25 Check out of hotel at 11 Lady said no guy was working last night after I told her about the towel 12:41am knock on door Walk everywhere in anchorage Uncle Leroy coffee Austin owner 7.00 Black cup coffees 5.75 GETTINGTHEVANBACK $2207.00 Doriolas sandos and one for fucking jerry 36.00 King street brewery 10.50 fill up 2 growlers Gas 39.00 Anchorage brewery 18.00 do not fill up growlers Tommy’s burgers 20.00 Reorganized the van in Tommy’s parking lot Sleep in pull out off Seward hwy south of anchorage

July 26 Police car light at 9:30am thought they were giving us ticket woke up in a panic but turned out they just pulled someone over in that turn out Free spring water fill up on side of Seward hwy Girdwood Hike on winner creek trail with hand tram and cool gorge and bridges Girdwood brewery beers 12.00 Girdwood brewery tacos 11.00 Growler and beer 13.00 Burrito 8.00 Post office 6.00 Coffee from the grind 8.00 Ran into Vancouver Bcmc Jessica and bf and brother and sister in law at laundry in Girdwood Seward brewery beers and pretzel 22.00 Met wild Jews from buffalo and Ohio Naomi Paul and Israeli soldier super Jew crew! Hamhang outdoor food tent in Seward 25.00 Went Seward ale house talked to everyone didn’t have to pay for beers Slept off exit glacier road free big rock water bed

July 27 Coffees at camp site Hike in kenai fjords np to exit glacier dog stayed in car Gas 25.01 Groceries 37.00 Hike to carter lake 4m Drive to hope paid 10$ for camping Free music milo trio Dinner chowder and burger and 4 beers 52.00 Free beers from Dru (sourdough dru's) At hope cafe bar seaview bar Sang happy bday to john Henry with his friends and strangers Danced on the benches Met local artist Erica older lady Met all the people listed below Had a fire with Jon and Jeff Met both in hope Jon is Girdwood & snowboarding instructor July 28 Fishing license 25.00 J caught 3 pinks in like 39min Fried em up for breakfast with Mac & cheese garlic onions so good just on skillet Went to see dru at her gift shop and bought stickers she was showing everyone her marriage license and asking what year it said on there-she got a gravel pit named after her as an anniversary gift juicy pit She gave us a free sticker bc we are ‘newlyweds’ She got married by a judge who rides a unicycle to work on the beach The fat dick sticker was something her husband said Gas 36.47 Laundry 7.50 Fred Meyer groceries 37.00 Met Clinton from northern nomad vans in parking lot Slept off the side road of Hatcher pass below summit lake awesome views made food at like 11:40pm while it was getting dark out - salmon j caught baked in tin foil on skillet and chowder ingredients potatoes onions mushrooms garlic veg stock water s&p valentina awesome chowder

July 29 got up and left by 8:30ish unimog still there Drive up Hatcher pass went to look at old independence mine site and checked out Hatcher pass lodge-got breakfast there and an extra $5 for parking for gold mint Breakfast 25.00 total hike met patti who grew up in Angola ny talked about Buffalo she moved to Alaska when she was 18 just got a lake house loves it Went to park in gold mint hike parking lot hiked all the way to mountainous bowl under the hut 8 miles in and turned around total of 16.0 mile day Pooped and starving we got back to the car and went to turner corner grocery gas ice cream store we bought showers and peanut butter choc soft serve ice cream and gas Gas 16.00 Showers 10.00 Ice cream 7.00 Beers 10.00 and met rick a local covered in mud driving a Dodge Dart he gave us frozen sockeye that his family caught and dip netted and smoked bits of salmon so sweet so nice Drove towards Valdez stopping to check out mountains hit with sunset lighting and camped next to kings river free Ioverlander spot in Sutton Ak

July 30 Coffees 6.00 at random place near matanuska glacier Hike up lion head to view glacier matanuska straight up climb had a beer at the top photo shoot Down drove got gas 25.00 Iga grocery story 10.00 Thai food pad Thai at tok Thai 12.00 Water fill up on way to worthington glacier area Looked at a camp spot off side of road old campground but were worried about animals eating brake lines found spot from iOverlander glacier 360 views passed worthington amazing fog and moon

July 31 Got up went for a stroll onto mounds around 360 view glacier sleep spot near worthington glacier Went into Valdez driving into the fog that we saw as we looked down from the glacier area turned out that was Valdez passed waterfalls and high cliff faces on both sides of road- beautiful drive Went to latte dah and got coffees and muffin and cookie $14.66 Talked to women about concept art for show ada scientist Walked to dock point trail looking for berries then around marina Then to Safeway for small things for food 13.84 Then prospectors for gas sticker bug spray 15.00 Made dinner/breakfast by the river in Valdez mineral creek bacon salmon chard onions garlic tomato bocadillo cheese much needed ate nothing all day Then drove to harbor and saw Alaska cup chainsaw festival carvings by the water met 2 quebec boys in jeeps Simon john Then went to fat mermaids for 3 beers 16.00 Bought 2 packs at oaken keg 20.00 Gas on way outta Valdez 32.00 Drove to worthington glacier and started the hike at 10:00 hiked until it was sketchy for dog and bear bushy territory brought speaker so danced to broken wings on the way up and then on way down ‘jump on it’ and Metallica puppet master running town ridge making a fuck load of noise in the alder Drove a while to find free camp at tonsina river in the west side

Aug 1 Woke up like 5 times and let going back to sleep Drove a the way to Chitina and found out they only had gasoline not diesel so had to drive all the way back to Kenny lake 22 m the opposite way but first we went to post office and the made breakfast/lunch at the np visitors center which was closed so used their picnic tables then stove threads broke so we couldn’t use new gas had to use small burner to finish salmon bake and eggs and potatoes stove is a piece of shit then helicopter landed by us while we were making food then headed back to Kenny lake for diesel Filled up and got snacks then headed to McCarthy 52.00 Road was terrible so many washboard bits throwing the van around like a rag doll Get to McCarthy and paid dude at root base camp to park car for 2 days 10.00 He said the last shuttle left at 7 so we had 28 minutes to gather our shit for backpacking to root glacier we hustled and the shuttle left 5 min earlier than it was supposed to also you have to park your car on the west side of kennicot river only locals are allowed to drive in McCarthy So then we started our 4.5 additional miles to kennucot to get to the root glacier trail head passing McCarthy on the way. Finallly a guy named rick in a white pick up picked us up and saved us over 30 min we had already walked 3mi Rick dropped us off in kennicott we made salmon Sando a and ate them there then headed to trailhead You have to walk through the old kennicott copper mines ruins it’s rad then trail to root glacier was like 2 miles to camp tent site and bear boxes We set up camp and drank 3 beers each of matanuska red ipa Took time lapse passed out to sounds of glacier cracking

August 2 Wake up go back to bed wake up because small brown bear walked by the tent early, the sound startled us a bit and jordan got out of the tent to investigate -- nugget did nothing. photographed the two bears wrestling just down from the tent for about 30 minutes. take shots of crazy changing sky over the glacier. Slightly hungover from matanuska 7.2% beers Finally got going to get on the glacier by like 9 Short walk down to glacier and later on it for over an hour with dog and wearing yak tracks. Then back to tent, went to bear cache boxes turns out someone took our bag of dog treats, wipes, fruit leathers and beer cantrash needless to say we had no food Walked back about an hour starving Walked through the kennicot mines and I high tailed it to food truck but we ran into Matt and mike! Life authentic So crazy! Got a meatball sub and carnitas tacos and 2 cookies and pasta salad Grabbed shuttle with mike and Matt leaving kennicot 10.00 Went back to cars said we’d meet them at there’s in a bit and then got situated with new clothes and it stuff away in van and talked to Jim the guy who owned the lot-mountaineer been here since 94 Headed to see guys and ran into Quebec Jeep guys on way over they showed us pics on the one dudes small camera of their 4x4

Aug 3 Woke up at O’Brien creek campground outside of Chitina Had to get up early for call with LA people about ada twist character designs- obv they flaked so we went to Chitina hotel to do computer stuff and eat cheese egg bacon biscuit Sando and coffees 20.00 crazy old hotel 1910 used to be a theater converted into a hotel for pipeline workers in the 50s Then looked around Chitina for where the hell is chitina sticker found at liquor store 3$ for both Went to pick n post and met Skye Owen sweet lady she gave us pressed flowers in a frame and said to take a little piece of Alaska with you- we gave her stickers and bought a shitty lock for .50 the whole store is like grandpas basement Gas at glennallen intersection 31.80 Make pbj Sando and listened to Mexican version of the power of love song Mentasta lodge bar 2 beers 2 candy bars 12.50 Three bears grocery tok 29.50 Gas tok 19.83 Fast Eddy’s tok 56.00 pizza burger salad 2 beers & 2 free beers bc she forgot pizza Met the wheelchair trip guys at fast Eddy’s they have been on road for 312 days start Buenos Aires and in Alaska now- have elevators for upstairs camp and inside camp lots of stories they are from Poland gave us pope keychain said to tell story of Poland being liberty ww2 and pope from there? Said if u have trouble just basically start talking about the pope and have photos in your car signed by the pope. And pictures- National geographic interviewed them - they are headed to chicken Need to get Jesus stuff to put all over Slept in iOverlander grass circle outside of tok smoked weed out of apple to get rid of it before border ate apple ate wheat thins and snuggled on bed

Aug 4 tok then border cross Woke up in grass camping lot free Found a pooper and made breakfast eggs beans rice tortillas in rest stop pull out Rearranged van Drove to what we thought was Canadian border it was just border but it said welcome to yukon, literally went over border with no customs, turns out it was 27km down the road before beaver creek Did that now in Canada Went to get gas 36.94 Then stopped at buckshot Betty’s for a shitty Yukon brewery beer and talked to crazy coyote Olivia at the bar, it was her day off but she was still hanging around the bar drinkin, the dude who worked there was from Niagara Falls so bonded over that and he said he got a job with the forest service near Whitehorse, he can start whenever so he said he was getting the hell out possibly tonight or tomorrow but don’t say anything. We had 2 beers and 2 cookies 17.00 And talked to Olivia who was nuts for a while, then she thought we left, and we gave her sticker and note, she folded the note like 10 times and said thanks- it was a drawing of her as a coyote because she’s crazy and scattered The bikers were coming in from their ride-Austin to anchorage for cancer research bike ride Camped at sweet spot close to Haines junction wild camping incredible view of Kausner mountains Cooked pasta with veg

Aug 5 Haines junction + kluane Gas 52.00 cad Fruits and snack 18 Bakery craziness 49.00 burritos apple thing sandos to go choc chip cookie 2 coffees drip Batteries 18.00 Hiked kings throne took us 6 hours 4401ft elevation gain really insane winds beautiful views but 60+mph winds 16km Ate a soggy village bakery sandwich and choc chip cookie Rain into bus kids on way out Julia with 2 new people Julie and Alex mountain bike kids Went to grab beers at mile 1016 in Haines junction they just finished serving food so that whole day with that hike we only ate a breakfast burrito a soggy Sando and cookie it’s honestly better than normal drank a cider yuck a Pilsner beer and bought a shitty Yukon red 6 pack 35.00 Met the bus kids at iOverlander camp at quill creek had a few beers and hung out in bus exhausted went to bed around midnight

Aug 6 Haines junction + kluane woke up later heard bus kids leave around 9 something Woke up and moved van further down to get better fish spot called Nani and then made pancakes put jelly on em yum Stray dog but neutered dog roaming around nugget eventually went to meet him and they played for a while Washed dishes in river and packed up Went to laundromat did laundry took showers 10.00 + 4.25 laundry Went to eat damn good burger Yukon burger competition at mile 1016 and had winterlong beer pingo 51.00 Did computer work then j threw a line in at dezadesh river and we went on the trail for a bit Then drove south to pull out at 159.4km before takanne bridge threw in a few lines in the horseshoe loop decided to sleep there as it was super nice

Aug 7 Haines Border into USA they took an orange said they freeze and burn them? Second nature 30.00 teas mushroom rice and tea bag and cherry jelly mark mushroom guy Port chillkoot distillery bourbon gin absinthe and rye 10.00 Haines brewery meh beers 24.00 Fireweed restaurant 1 hr wait mediocre pizza and wine one salad one cookie 57.54 Camped near chillkoot river/lake near iOverlander spot but in grassy pull out just before rain

Aug 8 Haines Bear viewing attempt at chillkoot lake in the am, walked dog down road then drive, tried to help dude with starter not working on car Coffees from rusty compass and sat around doing Tamara computer work 10.00 Groceries mountain market 18.00 Wine from mountain market 13.00 Diesel 30.00 Other groceries from oleruds 49.09 Hike battery point mushroom hunt super cool but got soaked saw dude shooting halibut? Or seals Lighthouse local harbour bar 24.00 Sheila snowboard / ski person bartender working at lighthouse Tyler is her travel mate he hangs at fogcutter Camped same spot as previous night, first parked where other rvs were parked up the road and made steak and salad then ate in the car, and heard a big slap on the back of the van -def a bear so we went to other spot same as other night

Aug 9 Haines Sarah coffee 7.95 Stickers and gas from outfitter store 10.00 Alaska Rod flies and soap and postcard 25.00 Rod slapped a bear Breakfast bacon eggs bocadillos u see roofed picnic area by water rain was bad White fang dalton city and met Chris at the fairweather ski shop he’s the book tea guy watching shop the ski guys were fishing - took lots of pics of skis and rad set ups Library for hours to update site Then walk dog to get cookie from fireweed rain stopped 8.00 Walked on beach and dock took pics of rocks hopped back up Walked back to car, attempted Lilly lake road no go,drive up and down mud bay road cop was out when he left we took spot he was in front of by ocean in let

Aug 10 Haines Haines packing co rockfish salmon & salmon sushi grade coho chow 18.00 Mountain market sandos for hike and snacks 31.31 Cookie coffee rusty compass 7.00 Bearitto breakfast burrito and muffin 12.00 Hike up ripinski and then to jones gap to see the mountains and clouds clear up otherwise in cloud the whole time 2 pizzas and 2 beers at alpenglow 51.00 Blue obsession movie look up So much fun open mike night at pioneer bar til 12:30 met David from alpenglow lederhosen David pro snowboarder vanna L French girl from Haines junction who we saw again hiking and at aloenglow eating Pizza Met Bri buffalo girl embraced several times about buffalo and met milo guy who is working with local old man artist trestin who as artist is dabbling heavily in puppetry possibly heading to guatemala with milo in oct Met Alex biker on hike too and saw him again at 1/2 marathon next day Perseids viewing along road mud bay more shooting stars than fingers and slept there

Aug 11 Haines am Skagway pm Woke up along mud bay got out headed to town to help with race Started check in at 9am Bought coffee and breakfast egg muffin rusty compass 21.00 Checked in and went to our race spots j on main and 2nd me by totem of Haines realty — 5k walkers started at 9:30 5k runners at 10 and 1/2 marathon started at 9am out at chillkoot lake — j had whiskey nip and water for runners — 1st 1/2 guys came in and j put eye of the tiger on speakers for all the half runners gave Hannah (our 1st haines friends) a nip of fireball she ended up throwing it in the bushes cuz she didn’t want to get disqualified hahaha milo was handing out caprisuns to his buddies there were 6 runners in total we ended our ‘shifts’ and went to where the runners ended and had to go up hill so we played the final countdown for them on the speaker they loved it we ran up w last guy then headed over to ferry Ferry to skagway was 120$ we waited for an hour and half to be on standby our buddy Alex bicyclist who just did marathon rolled on with his bike at 12:35 and we didn’t get on til 1:20 We saw him on boat sat with him literally the ferry lasted 30 min the lady who ran kitchen gave Alex Sando for free and let him drink his beer on the ship in a coke cup Got to skagway it’s like Disney world Walked around trying to find j replacement hiking shoes bc the bottoms fell off at ripinski nothing here so stopped in alpine guide place and asked about climbing- suggested catholic school girl on the way outta town by the 2 ponds Brewery Klondike 16.00 Brewery Skagway 18.00 Groceries 29.00 Camped at tidal flats dyea super rad spot stayed out by water and cooked dinner then rolled closer to campground bc worried about 20ft rising tide

Aug 12 Skagway Woke up at flats had a huge rad breakfast at camp spot #18 at the free dyea historic site tidal flats campground, new clean perfect -made salmon egg scramble, blueberry pankcakes with jelly blueberries we foraged coffee bacon tea amazing big breakfast Beers at Klondike 15.00 before hike Hike 4hrs round trip with hanging out at top upper dewdney lake Skagway very nice old cabin one that’s free one that’s reservable Dinner Thai food starfire 44.00 huge curry bowls and egg rolls Gas 43.51 Drove out over white pass summit to Canadian border forgot about time change made it within 30 min of border closing once you fog and elevation gain Slept close to border at Parks Canada log cabin parking lot apparently ending of chilkoot trail

Aug 13 road to carcross NUGGET NEEDS FLEA MEDS left log cabin parking and headed down towards car road saw Julia bus pulling out of other iOverlander boat launch beach where we were gonna stay Pulled in and made breakfast Julia and New bus crew came up said hey hopefully meet in carcross Breakfast made was salmon chuck bacon onion rice small amount of bean burrito with lettuce salsa Valentina Carcross coffee and cookie 10.00 Greg’s family hot sauce from old general store 10.00 Groceries 3.00 plus 10 for cash for laundry Beers and pasta salad from bistro 23.00 Ran into bus kids at gas station looking up how to fix problem with bus hung out and tried to help for a bit said we’d meet up later Played on the dunes carcross desert and then came back to see if we could find bus kids cuz we wanted to camp at dunes Did not find them but they were at the mountain bike park site so told them we wanted to do dunes they said theyd try to come meet us at dunes Made incredible dinner salmon hot sauce in foil with butter dried up and salad with amazing dressing and fucking killer potatoes with onion garlic rice beans cheese all mashed into the best hash browns ever made Hung out with bus kids had wine beer finished anniversary whiskey they played guitar we all sang except German girl she did not sing then smoked and went to bed no idea when...

August 14 carcross then drive Got up early ish bus kids still there waiting for tow to Whitehorse we left went across street to other camp spot and slept for 3 more hours Coffees and cookie and muffin at carcross caribou coffee 14.00 Did caribou mountain hike 4 hours 8km round 1000m 3821ft ele gain Showers (finally) before pool closed 6.00 Bistro burgers 40.00 Gas 28.19 Ice creams 8.00 Wheat thins and orange in teslin 6.00 Checked out moreley lake Rec site full of people and mosquitoes so went further down the road to a pull out on left and slept awesome sunset and beavers

Aug 15 cassier hwy bc Nugget got flea meds Cooked breakfast in pull out by swamp end of Morley lake cooked eggs bacon rest of salmon coho chuck onion mushroom coffees bugs were bad Date square 2.00 Gas 56.30 rancheria Fishing at pull out iOverlander site with broken bridge near 37 junction 10-15km from there near silver mine lake 2nd fishing spot at silver mine lake between bridges 3rd Fishing at French creek recsite j caught 3 grayling with flyrod 1 big enough to keep and eat Drive down Cassier hwy looking for more food no food then found campspot iOverlander Simmons lake small turn out with fire pit by bottom of lake make pasta with onion mushrooms and fried the fish with butter and mums hot sauce on skillet, make detox tea no drinking 2nd day

Aug 16 cassier hwy bc Woke up at simmons lake made remainder of pancake with forged blueberries and coffees threw in a few lines fishing no bites washed dishes in creek rinsing and left beautiful Simmons lake Jade city Nani rock and earrings for me 24.00 Fished in dease river j caught 4 one got away the biggest one and kept one bigger than yesterday’s let the other tiny ones go Groceries dease lake 85.00 Wine dease lake 25.00 Gas dease lake 67.00 Shack lady hot dog and milkshake 10.00 WiFi free at northern lights college The sky was raining ash the fire is super close we can’t breathe in the car Drove until we got out of the smoke even though it embedded itself in the fibers of the van and camped under clearer skies at eddontenajon lake made the grayling fish fried on skillet in foil with butter and hot sauce and made salad with sautéed onions garlic and mushrooms put triscots on for croutons and dressing and hot sauce and fish yum drank bottle of wine J took rad time lapse of sky northern lights + fire crazy

Aug 17 cassier driving Woke up at eddontenajon lake put stickers on roof box and ate a half cookie j had 1.5 packed up and headed down south Bell 2 coffees 4.00 and gas 41.37 lodge that also has heli skiing in winter like crazy amounts and did comouter Sesh stitching together video from northern lights from lake camp previous night Long drive looking for fishing Then camped in spot by skeena river near kitawanga - saw crazy amazing northern lights and Milky Way made dinner of sausage veggies potatoes rice hot sauce dressing - local bear was there when we pulled in

Aug 18 Woke up - white truck pulled in - dude doing push ups talked to Jordan for a long time said his cousin was coming to get fish out of net- his name was Clarence jones so I told him I lived on jones rd in Clarence ny and he loved that- Lenny his cousin came said we could watch them pull fish in- then he gave us a steelhead we were very grateful then he said to come see the smokehouse he is best smoker in the area so we did and it was awesome- met Clarence, Lenny, Lenny’s wife, Lenny’s neighbor Reuben ‘Yes I am’ he was at a recovery center and they were all around a circle asking questions they asked him if he was a homosexual and he thought it meant someone who likes to stay at home a lot so he said yes I am haha. we watched Lenny cut and hang the fish checked out smokehouse he gave us bits of hook which is what they call dried fish (he’s given hook to parliament before) we hung out for a while he told us stories of goat hunting and competing with grizzlies for goats and watching grizzlies stalk and go after goats then Clarence said he’d take us to the bridge that was from 1911 where a lot of Japanese died building it so we followed him but first we went to his house met his dad who is a hereditary chief they gave us jarred spring salmon and jarred smoke salmon so nice his dad travelled all over the world super inspiring we went to bridge walked on it with Clarence and checked everything out so cool said our goodbyes he told us his dad was a residential school victim where he was a kid sent to Alberta to ‘take the Indian out of him’ all those kids were abused and a lot struggle with alcoholism and drugs to fight through it pretty nuts Went to heritage days saw Ray there (Clarence’s dad) - saw traditional dancing which was so good Whole story about today wild Swam at seeley lake and road showered and ate wraps made with the jarred spring salmon White wine 12.50 old hazelton Groceries gitamaax 8.23 Gitaxsan heritage days!!! 1 fried bannock 3.00 1 ice cream and yam fries 2.50 and 6.00 Slept at Anderson flats free by skeena river could hear music fest over in the bulkey canyon made thee best salmon dinner from the steelhead and potatoes rice veggies cheese roll it was a feast

Aug 19 hazelton and Smithers Woke up Anderson flats Had to poop so left quick went to visitors center and went to farmers market talked to Brian about veggie conversion for van and generators then talked to menenite couple who lives in Brazil most of the year told us about salt batteries hmm... Breakfast at Ross lake salmon eggs cheese rolls onions basil bees Swam at Ross lake walked around it 3.5km swam back and forth with nuggs he made dog friends Bulkey valley brewery 44.50 met Renee Safeway grocery restock 75.00 Hike with Renee and Allison and dogs from brewery at call lake prov park cool kids 3.5km Dinner salad inside van away from bugs and bats at trailhead parking for McCabe hike

Aug 20 Smithers Woke up at McCabe trailhead made eggs sausage cheese roll bees everywhere hiked McCabe starting at 12:03 total km 22km got back to car at 5:30 are Sando and plum at summit pass which was 10.5km in or 11km J got stung, bees everywhere 39.00beer at smithers brewery saw Allison and Renee ate their scraps called mom made dinner in Canadian tire parking lot amazing steelehead salmon rice chard onion mushroom Camped at trailhead for twin falls free

Aug 21 Smithers bc Woke up hiked twin falls viewpoint Made coffees Sandos and coffee and berry square at two sisters 43.00 Laundry 18.00 4 Beers @ Smithers brewing 29.00 Dinner from alpenhorn 47.00 tipped too much but he delivered from the restaurant to brewery we had awesome xcross fries chicken tenders and buff chick wrap Growler from bulkey brewing 9.00 Canadian tire supplies dog treats 29.00 Birth control 5 boxes 100.00 Gas 45.00 scam Lordco 3.00 Drive away as it was clearing up and now slept in smoke near burns lake at least it’s not super hot

Aug 22 burns lake and drive south Prince George Woke up burns lake free camp got out of smoke Coffee shop alternative coffee 8.00 Mail 12.34 Gas 25.00 Best cinnamon buns in the world backerei kaffee Haus burns lake ham cheese croissant and cookie and coffee 18.00 Crossroads brewery in Prince George 23.00 pretzel. Flight + 1 beer 2 more small beers 13.00 Trench brewery met girl from Yucatán penn drew them pics of the dog Dutch 35.00 for Sando flight and beer Growler 8.00 Gas 30.00 Slept at Chubb lake rec site bt prince George and Quesnal

Aug 23 anniv ❤️ Coffees at camp site while ash raining in Chubb lake Tuna Sando Granville coffee west quesnal 7.30 Brewery at barkerville quesnal 27.00 Coffee and Amo gift 36.00 at Edgewood farms sweet flower farm with little gifts Gas 27.73 Burger from GBR at the 100milehiuse 14.00 Chips and jerky at store 8.00 made wraps with rest of salmonat this place Gas 27.55 Saveonfoods 21.00 Pet store leash and good f---ing expensive stupid food for dumb dog 43.00 Drove to beaver dam camp site free rec site still in fire about 7km on shit dirt road

Aug 24 Woke up at beaver dam made coffees Junction coffee in Clinton bc 6.00 coffees Went down street to cordial cafe diner got breakfast wrap 13.00 Went to church antique store bought bro print and spoke to old local guys about ox shoes and shortcut from Clinton to lillooet Clinton to Kelly lake to fsr over boreal forest into desert and ending in town pavilion saved us 30km Gas in Clinton 20.00 Cookie from junction coffe was 3.00 Mailed sticker to aus and bro gift lady was nuts and we picked out over 10 stamps to equal 2.95 for bros mail free Wine tasting at burgen winerey free tasting but bought Pinot Gris 20.00 Abundant bakery 11.00 Sando & cookie Drove forever saw sign for pemberton brewery turned around and went saw baby bear onway in playing on cement dividers. went in beer was great Jeff is rad talked to him for a while about mexico and traveling to Baja he went with his 1 year old several times in Mexico he gave us a free growler we have to find his buddy and take a photo with growler 29.00 2 growlers and 2 tasters gotta draw him donkey that says tap that ass... Slept at calcheak in side parking free Squamish

Aug 25 Squamish to Vancouver Gas Squamish 44.45 Galileo coffees snacks 15.00 Volunteering at food bank 9-12 Tacofino burritos 26.00 Abbotsford beers at field house with Jbot & Alice 16.00 Gas while blaring Kesha 15.00 Camped at 10 mile point Harrison lake crazy ridiculous goat track down after 30 min on washboard dirt fsr we couldn’t make it down the last part Jbot did we slept at the top of the small hill and hung out with them til 2am outside under the stars with a lantern like a fire drinking and snacking and dog was ok

Aug 26 Vancouver area Got up video taped Jbot coming out of the hill (a couple times for fun) drove back to town Starving Greek food at Greek isles chicken shawarma wrap 2 at 27.00 Car wash and vacuum 15.00 Walmart 10.00 Juke chicken with Jbot he bought us dinner Slept at jbots

Aug 27 Vancouver Jjbean 14.00 Steven Oil change. condenser other part 450.00 @182000km Starbucks waiting for Steven to be done 5.00 IKEA storage stuff 76.00 Drove van to closest Evo by bus drop off picked up evo Dropped van off at AC huong guy helped take off bumper Home Depot for drawer stuff 26.00 Big star sandwich 25.00 Whole Foods to make Jbot dinner 54.00 Nesters 13.00 Dog daycare 31.00 Turned out huong diagnosed the ac wrong and we need a new part- had to call Coombs and order it to get shipped overnight part was 170.00 including shipping Made Jbot quinoa mexican casserole with avocado mousse Watched pizza heist on Netflix Part was to be shipped in the morning Slept jbots

Aug 28 Vancouver Dressew to get fabric for back drawer 20.00 Bird and the beets to get coffee beans and cookie 30.00 work out on Jbot roof 5 10 15 lunge squats kettle bells jump squats abs cardio Ate leftovers of quinoa dinner after workout Cleaned Jbot apt Timbertrain cookie 3.00 Sushi nanaimo togo 51.51 to take to Marlis to eat got there got to drinking stayed up til 4:30 shooting the shit druuuunk Slept marlis

Aug 29 Vancouver->abbotsford blur Woke up Marlis Called courier who was supposed to be delivering package they had no idea where it was they said maybe it got lost or sent to Kelowna we were like wtf we have a tracking number can’t u track it they said they don’t use tracking only addresses and they don’t think it’ll get there today to huong ac guys house- so after hearing this we told huong bc we had to get the car to abbotsford to butch for the whole maintenance appt and he put the car back together then as soon as he finished the part got delivered... We had to go over there with an evo pick up the van then drop off the evo which didn’t have a working left blinker and take it all the way to that bus station drop off Then we went to storage to get computer supplies for air bnb Then got to Wendy air bnb with bad traffic in abbotsford Unloaded Jordan took van to butch and skated back while I set up computers Ordered Indian food for dinner Got some wine near yukyuks and walked dog around Air bnb sleep Coffee parallel 49 11.00 Juice in kits Whole Foods 6.00 Breakfast at cosmic in kits egg Sando fries 32.09 Dinner abbotsford zaika Indian 32.00 Red wine 12.00 Gas 53.00 Air bnb night 1

August 30 abbotsford Day 2 air bnb Sushi dinner 50.00 Dog groom 100.00 Old hand coffee breakfast Sando cookie 18.32 J skated to butch to drop off egt Dog store treats 11.00 Polly fox waffle Sando lunch 13.00 Drop off prescription for pills Red wine downtown abbots 10.00

Aug 31 last day air bnb Pick u pills 158.00 Dog food 20.00 Cab to butch from Wendy air bnb cash 19.00 2 breakfast Sando 2 coffee 19.00 asshole Boob grab in park Sony stop to pick up Propane holder Burrito Taqueria 28.88 J went to Brandon’s to fix bumper Dropped me off at Marlis walked dog hung out drank wine Picked me up Jbot leftovers sleep at jbots

Sept 1 Saturday Vancouver Walked dog Skateboard fix 20.00 Storage day Matchstick 30.56 Pet store prescription pick up 123.00 Evo must look up all evo switch out Home Depot price look up Beer 5 point 45.00 Sleep at jbots

Sept 2 Sunday Food morning half scone each with coffee timbertrains Shop day, got to shop at 10:00am when it opened $30.00 for 2 guests I got bang trim and conditioner 20.00 I walked nugget for 2 hours before going to sew and fix everything j was working since 10am on all wood fixes of van Sushi nanimo 45.00 Sleep at Canadian tire

Sept 3 Monday Drop off car in morning AC huong 424.00 Walked around the area surrey Went to Starbucks got tea and coffee Chipotle burrito 22.00 Met letgo guy and got trx things 20.00 Steven oil filters and return parts we didn’t need for ac but exchanged and got +33.00 Storage work til like 7pm Strathcona dinner 56.00 Slept by park behind yolks